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I have a lot of cars, some are "mostly finished" projects now, some sit under a car cover in the driveway for months (years) on end, while I collect parts.
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1962 Falcon Squire
1962 Falcon Squire

1962 Ford Falcon Squire
I bought it cheap, and have been playing with it ever since. My daily driver. A/C, 5 speed, 30+ mpg, more cargo room than most SUVs, what's not to like?
Rusty 1966 Corsa 1966 Corvair Corsa  
1966 Corvair Corsa 140/4
Still got it, still drive it like a rental. This is the $50 Paint Job Corvair.
1963 Kellison J5


1959 - 63? Kellison J5, from Pennsylvania
It's finally in the driveway! Car was on Jalopnik a while back. Any history on this particular J5 would be much appreciated.
X300GT thumbnail  

1964 Kellison/Astra X300GT
Body only. In storage temporarily, then to Dave's house to begin restoration. The body is in great shape after 45 years of pass-arounds.

1969 Alfa GTV
v8 alfa
1969 Alfa Romeo GTV
My wife, when she first saw the car, said "Magic beans" and walked into the house. But it's getting an all aluminum V8...
1962 Ford Falcon Deluxe Wagon
No pics or progress reports likely, for quite a while. Sky blue and rust colored right now.

There's also a growing fish tank section. More hobbies please.

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