Kellison J5

I found a Kellison J5 that needed a -LOT- of work. I haven't got this one in my possession yet, but arrangements are being made for delivery. It's supposed to be here the first week of December (2007).

Kellison J5

Yeah, it looks like hell. The biggest problems are that, some time in the distant past, the roof was hacked for some "T" top/gullwing idea. The doors have been hacked as well and the A pillar needs to be restored to it's original shape and angle. Looking at pictures of people getting in and out of such a low car (39" to the roofline), I can see the reasoning behind a gullwing modification. When it comes time to remount the fixed doors, I'll use a hinge that opens to 90 degrees. The flares... well, at least the car body is all FRP. So repairs, while extensive, won't be difficult (just itchy).
This project throws the whole Alfa project order into question (again). I'll be doing some thinking over the next few weeks.

Below is a link the pictures page of Lots of finished Kellisons, J4s, J5s, J6s, roadsters, and X300GTs:

Kellison pictures

The white J5 near the bottom of the last picture page is what I'm shooting for.

Update 11-23-07
Ok, I thought about it. The Kellison has been moved to number one on the car priority list. Just need to get it here...
On this project, I'll try, consciously, to photo document as much as possible. The good, the bad, the unexpected, etc.

Update 12-12-07
The car is ready to shrink wrap and waiting for the truck! Hope it gets here before Jan 1st...

Updates 12-13-07 - 5-15-08
After 5 months of endless delays the car is scheduled to ship on May 30th, finally...

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