Update: Chet entered the larger life Friday, May 30th 2008. He was 14 years old.

Chet picked me out as a very small puppy. He grabbed my pants leg when my old drummer was checking out a litter of black labs. Chet's mother "got around," and some of the litter was not 100% lab. Then he followed me around, his fat little pinky sized tail wagging like crazy. So, I asked for him. I wasn't looking to get a dog at that point, but I did anyway. He grew up fast, 8lbs when I got him, 140lbs full grown. He stayed a puppy his whole life, the sweetest dispositioned dog I've ever had. Not a single mean molecule in his body. I'm not sure what he is mixed with, several have speculated Boxer x Lab due to his tiger stripes. Other than the stripes and round head, he has all the Lab features, webbed feet, double coat, a profound love of the water, and fetching. He lives to please.
Chet is old and grey now (14 happy years is unusual for any lab), moving real slow, and his time is growing very short.
He has always been up for a few minutes in the car. In this shot from many years ago, he is eyeing a "new" Alfa GTV body shell. I'd just towed it home, and Chet was -ready- for a ride.

Chet the dog

On the beach, Chet's favorite place.

chet the dog beach

Chet, old, grey, and sleepy. Still happy, though. Good doggy!

chet the dog