It looks like a GTam...

Or, it will in a few months.
I've pulled the car cover off the 69 Alfa GTV, cleaned out the dust and weather grime, and the project is finally back on the front burner!
I acquired a set of stock steel full rear quarters last year to replace the crunched quarters on the car, but, Rich Goodrich (Goodrich Distributing) is currently laying up a full set of GTam body panels for me. The body, as it sits now, is in pretty sad shape, with lots of rear body panel crash damage. A GTam clone (the body anyway) is just the ticket for this car. Having the car stripped of fenders and quarters will help considerably during the suspension design/build.
Engine Building is currently in process. A couple sets of heads are at a -new- cylinder head specialist.
Updates coming real soon.

Update 9-21-07

It's been taking a liitle longer than expected, rounding up parts. The fenders are still "being laid up". So I've been working on the engine, in the meantime. Pics shortly.

Update 11-26-07

Ok, no pics. The GTam panels were finished early October, and I went down to get them. They look... ok. Good enough, some alligatoring in a few spots, but easy to fix with a little filler. I have all 4 fender flares, 2 complete nose panels, a tail panel, and rear deck lid. I loaded them up into the Alfa and hauled it off to storage to make room for the J5. I'll get back to it again in a year or so.