There was moderate damage to the lower radiator support from some previous accident, and I decided to cut out the support, square up the front end again, and then weld in a new, much stronger, lower support. I'm not really too concerned about "keeping it stock". I want it to run well, everyday. The lower support is a 1 1/2 x 3 inch square tube positioned horizontally with a mounting flange welded on top. Since this car is going to remain an I6 until it's out of my possesion, was to receive an A/C system, and there was not enough room for a big fan, either in hieght, or depth after "test" fitting a three core radiator, I redesigned the front to accept a very large aluminum two core radiator. This radiator sits on top of the support, and splits the vertical of the front panel, giving me an extra two inches of space at the front of the motor. Some sheet metal was removed from each side of the original opening, and rubber U channel pressed over the exposed raw edges. I cut away and reshaped the portion of the stone gaurd that was impeding airflow to the bottom half of the radiator.


Below you can see how much room was gained. Room enough for a very large six blade flex fan. The original radiator sat in the notched area of the angled support brace.


Since the radiator is a universal remote fill type, and ,it has no provision for a cap I bought a Moroso inline filler.


More pics of my crappy welding. However, a grinder and black spray paint makes it all pretty.
This is the left side of the radiator support. You can see the big notch I cut out of the frame rail to make room for the radiator tanks.


Below is the right side.

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