Tyvek Skippy-Suits

My Tyvek skippy-suits showed up last week, and I was eager to try them out to see how well they kept the fiberglass at bay. I was also curious about the breathability of Tyvek, so I conducted what my wife called the "Michelin Man" experiment. Suit on, zipped all the way up, elastic cuffs, tight collar, and an air-hose up my sleeve. It inflated like a balloon, and stayed inflated until I squeezed out the air, so, not very breathable.

kellison j5

I worked in it about half a day. It was only about 92 degrees out, and I was in the shade, but I figure I lost about 15lbs in pure sweat. I'd describe the suit as good protection against fiberglass particles in general, but it was like being sealed inside a garbage bag to work in.
A buddy suggested a small portable window A/C unit, a cardboard and duct tape plenum directing the air into someting like 20 feet of dryer hose. This would then be inserted through a hole in the back of the suit, and the hose taped off and secured with a hook on my belt. It seems like a genius idea, I can't wait to give it a try.

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