Two of my post '94 x-bolt Rover warranty blocks. These two are very, very, low mileage. One had zero carbon on the piston tops, which were absolutely, spotlessly, clean and only very slightly discolored. Lucky me.

Thanks to Rover's disposable block policy, these post '94 warranty 4.0 x-bolted short blocks are a lot more common than you might think, and most require only a light hone or .02" overbore to be perfect. I picked mine up from Big Bob in Pomona, CA. Dan LaGrou at D&D Fabrications recently (spring '03) acquired 40 or so of these short blocks to bore and sell. He also sells EVERYTHING else you need to stroke the X-bolt engine, or it's earlier variants, and mate it to any number of transmissions.

BUT, here is where the fun begins, Rover does not sell any oversize parts for the late engines, that includes main, rod bearings, and pistons (they are disposable, remember?). As far as I know, the only place to get oversized 4.0/4.6 Rover main bearings is from John Eales of JE Developments in the UK. John also sells many very cool performance goodies. Dan LaGrou says a workaround is to have the late blocks line bored .022" over, and use buick 300 main bearings in whatever oversize you need.

D&D Fabrication now stocks +.010" main 4.0/4.6 bearings.


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