<BODY> <H1>Rickwrench's V8 Alfa GTV, Falcon Squire, Corvair Corsa.</H1> <P>Rickwrench's cars - Stroked Buick/Rover V8 into a 1969 Alfa GTV, restomod 1962 Falcon Squire with S10 T5, 1966 Corvair Corsa with $50 dollar paint. Classic daily drivers. <a href="index79.html">1969 Alfa GTV V8</a><a href="index79.html">1962 Falcon Squire</a><a href="index79.html">1966 Corvair Corsa</a><a href="index79.html">T5 transmission modifications</a><a href="index79.html">Buick 215 Rover V8</a><a href="index79.html">Rustoleum $50 dollar paint</a> </BODY>