Stock 13" Wheels

The Squire had a set of 14" wheels from a Maverick on it when I bought it. These were fine until I installed the Mav 4 lug 8" rear. The back spacing on the Mav wheels is about an inch less than the stock 13" wheels. This caused the wheels to rub on the inside of the rear wheel wells when cornering. I was going to have a set of 15" steel wheels with extra backspace made at Stockton wheel but I remembered I had a full set of stockers out in my folks wood shed. I picked them up, scrubbed them, and painted them white. I had a bunch of bottle top hubcaps, so I picked out the best four and worked on them with bench polisher for a couple hours. The trim rings were junkyard sourced. There were a lot of them, not much demand these days for 13" trim rings. New tires were only $19.95 each!




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