Falcon Interior Stuff

I recovered some ugly Ford (Tempo or Topaz ???) seats, as my wife wanted headrests and seats that recline. I wanted buckets and room for a console. Below is a before and after shot. They've been installed in the Squire now, along with an original console. I used the Tempaz tracks and gained a LOT of leg room over the stock bench seat. I can slide the front seat back until even I can't reach the pedals, and I'm 6'4". New door panels will be next for the Squire.

I also found a nice set of Falcon dual out headers, bought an exhaust port divider (not shown), and an Edelbrock tri-carb intake -VROOOM-. I'll eventually get these things on one of the falcons. The headers are "boom-boom" headers. That is, they are 1-3-5, 2-4-6 headers and thus, unbalanced.

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