Double Pulley

I knocked myself out cold a few months ago in the Costco parking lot, and ended up with a moderate concussion. When I finally made it home, I was allowed to go into the garage to "work on stuff". One of the things I "worked" on was a rare double pulley for a short ford 200 water pump, which had taken me a few months to track down. For some unknown reason, I cut the front of the pulley off, welded a crankshaft bolt to it, and then epoxied the chopped up remains of an electric fan to it. I found this fantastic/bizarre project, and the remains of the pulley, a few days later. Having fully recovered from the concussion, I had no idea what the hacked up mess was supposed to be. Still don't.

So, it's time to put in the A/C, and now I need a double pulley. Rather than get filthy digging through the spider infested pulley bin for five or six hours at Dorris, I called up my brother and then emailed him a pdf drawing of the pulley (the pdf has since been updated to include the correct groove pitch). Heck, he's got LOTS of free time! A few days later he dropped off a billet aluminum custom pulley. It was made on "ancient, fully manual" machines. "Good to keep me in practice," he says. I almost want to keep it in the house, it's so beautiful.

This pulley is even smaller in diameter than the late pulleys, and spins the H2O pump about 10% faster than a stock pulley. Keeps the engine cooler when I'm stuck in traffic on those 100 degree days.
See below.

The reason this pulley was needed is due to the two different damper diameters that Ford used on the 144/170/200 engines.
Below is the early single groove "small" damper. There was a fairly rare add-a-pulley for these dampers.

Below is the late, dual groove, "big" damper. The dual groove unit is needed if you plan on running A/C.

The available H2O pumps for the 144/170/200 come in two lengths. The shorter of the two is usually on cars with the early damper and a larger diameter single groove H2O pump pulley (or the extremely rare early short double pulley). The longer pump is from later years and is used with a double or triple groove, slightly smaller diameter, H2O pulley. Just by looking at the dampers and H2O pulleys you wouldn't think there was enough difference to matter. As it turns out, the larger late damper is just big enough to interfere with most early H2O pump pulleys. If you are trying to install the early pump in an effort to save fan space with A/C, using a late damper, there will be issues.

Using a "heavy duty" three core stock size radiator originally left me very little room for a fan, when using the long pump/pulley combo to run an A/C compressor. My fan choices that actually fit (barely) were the stock 4 blade or a cut down aluminum blade fan. Niether of which did the job when the A/C was on, although the cut down fan was the better of the two.

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