Jumbo Fuel Tank


I found a 26 gallon gas tank, originally from an early 70's Ranchero, that will fit under the falcon rotated 90 degrees and with some modifications. I relocated the filler neck to the "new" side, as the tank was too wide to fit with current exhaust system. As when workingwith fire on all used fuel tanks, I was careful and fill the tank with water to just below the area I was working on. Below is the "new" tank next to the old tank (which I am keeping). You can see the sealed up old filler neck location in this shot. The dark goop is a coat of Extend rust converter.

Side by side. Stock tank, left, next to 26 gallon tank. 26 gallons (US) works out to a theoretical 850+ mile range on the highway with the current 1V 200 motor/T5 trans (33 mpg highway).


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