I bought an Australian Falcon 250/2V cylinder head for the Squire from one of my fordsix.com friends in December (2005). I guess I was getting tired of 33mpg on the highway, but only 75 rwhp.
The 2V head is a development of the original lo-po log head. Those crafty Aussies figured out, right off, that the log head was a sad joke on performance. So, they took a band saw to the head mold and got to work. The result is a huge, HUGE, gain in airflow. The head, with no other modifications is a bolt on 50% increase in power. The Argentina SP/ME head is a development along the same lines.

Below is the -detachable- 250/2V intake manifold.

One of the guys (Hacksaw Al) on the fordsix.com forum converted his 2V intake into a 4V intake, hmmm....


Port comparisons:
C2 head with log sawn off to expose intake port. 1.125" across.

C2 exhaust port. 1" across

250/2V intake port. 1.6875" across.

250/2V exhaust port. 1.25" across.

Here's a shot right down the 2V intake port into the chamber. Nice and straight.

Cleaned up 2V exhaust port.

The port divider below will take some grinding to make fit, if I even use it. I've been toying with the idea of welding a steel divider directly to the header. This avoids the issue of securing the cast divider into the 2v head, which has no ridges on the siamese 3-4 exhaust port like the US head. These ridges mate to the divider's ridges and provide a lot of surface area for the Cotronics high temp epoxy, or silver solder, to grab.

More when installed.

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