The Disclaimer

I have been informed that I need some sort of "disclaimer statement" to "protect myself" from litigious trash. Here it is:


I have no idea what I'm talking about.
I make everything up in my head.
Nothing on this site probably even exists in real life.
All pictures are heavily manipulated with Photoshop.
Any illegal activities described on this site never actually happened.
All descriptions are fictitious embellishments.
All measurements and charts are made up in my head.
All models, nude or clothed, are over the age of 18.
No mammals were harmed during the creation of this site.

Everything on this site is strictly for entertainment purposes, only.

If you spend some huge crap-load of cash trying something based solely on what you've seen on this site, and it doesn't work out the way you thought it would, well... Just because something worked out for me in my particular situation doesn't mean it will work for you.

You also may have different expectations, in fact, that's very likely. I expect strange things to happen. I also tend to leave a -lot- of steps out when photo documenting projects. I either got involved in the project and forgot to take pictures, or, I think some steps are self explanitory (you may not), or, I just don't feel like stopping in the middle of something to take pictures.

So, even though I am always right, you should get other opinions. The internet is chock full of people with other opinions. This site is a spare time, late night, ballgame is over, wife's not home, probably had a few beers, nothing better to do, hobby.

I read a lot of email generated from this site,
and I'd like to thank everyone for the nice things they've said.
I try to answer all email when I'm able. However, I have one request:
Use a printed dictionary.

"You" is not spelled "U".
"Are" is not spelled "R".
"2" is number, not a word. Two, too, and to are your (not you're) choices.
"'Sup" is not a word used by literate adults.

It's "DUAL" exhaust.
Not "DUEL".
If you fail this one, I'll make fun of you.

Protect myself? Ask me what happened to the dirtbag I caught breaking into my Corvair.

Also, feel free to take, borrow, steal, anything you want from this site (except for the music, it's all copyrighted). I don't care, unless you make a big pile of money with it, in -that- case I'd want some. I have unrealized materialistic needs.

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