Every now and then I get the urge to build a big set of windchimes. This urge often follows the neighbors doing something that annoys me, like yanking the sail off one (or a couple) of the chimes already made and hanging in the front yard. Or running a stripe of Round-Up down -my- lawn next to the common mow strip.

Some of the chimes in the front yard (also Woody and the Corvair, pre-paint). Copper, steel, and alluminum. Some big, some small, some medium sized. I've got about fifteen sets in the front yard now.

Large copper chimes. This set really gets going in a good breeze.
Expensive to make, with copper at $500+ for a 20' piece of 2" pipe.

Big Steel Chimes. These are thickwall EMT. Very mellow tones, loooooong ring sustain. 2" EMT is a lot cheaper than 2" copper.
Copper Chimes
big chimes


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