Alfa Dash Repair

I saw this one on the AlfaBB forum. It worked pretty well. The links to the forum discussion on the repair are below.

My 1969 1750 GTV dash looked like hell, like the rest of the interior, with big, deep, cracks and large chunks of vinyl missing.
A "new" 1969 1750 GTV dash is... -gulp- ...$1795, or, almost four times what I paid for the car.
So, it was either going to be fixed, somehow, or covered with a plastic dash cap. I read the write-up about using spray on bed-liner and plastic bumper repair goop. AHHH! A solution that uses cheap materials and labor, a.k.a:. "My kind of solution." I don't have any "in process" pics on this one, but it was a simple process. I cleaned up/cut away the edges of the vinyl at the cracks where it had curled up, filled the cracks with plastic bumper repair, sanded them level, and sprayed the dash with bed-liner.

Before. Big cracks...

alfa dash before

...that are curled up at the edges.

alfa dash before

Not so pretty. I thought an ugly dash-cap was going to be my only option.

bad area

I bought three cans of duplicolor spray-on bedliner, and after the bumper repair stuff had been sanded flat, I started spraying. I sprayed on two coats and then sanded any lumps and blemishes out after it had dried. Then a couple more coats.


And then, a few coats of flat black vinyl paint after the bedliner was dry. In this shot you can see where the vinyl wasn't sucked down flush between the instrument pods at the factory. I was going to cut that part out, but decided to wait a while to fix that -oem- blemish (probably several years).


It could use a few more coats of vinyl paint, it's still a little blotchy. Overall, it came out GREAT. I'm very pleased with the result. The texture is very similar to the original vinyl texture.


Compare the texture of the 3D "after" pics to the "before" pic of the side of the gauge pod up toward the top of the page. The texture is very close, with the spray-on bedliner being a bit smoother and random.

Below is a 3D pic viewed using the "straight" or "parallel" method.
Viewing Instructions.

3D dash straight eyes

Cross-eyed version below. Click for larger version.

pod 3D cross eyed


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