Mock Block Fitting
After a month and a half of work on the Falcon interior and another month of family holiday fun, I finally got back to working on the Alfa this week. I just yanked the 1750 engine and transmission. Maybe it'll end up on eBay sometime soon. Once the engine bay was empty I mocked up a 4.0 block with some heads to do a test fit and see how much work it's going to take to make it fit. I was actually surprised at how much room there was around the block, that's not saying there weren't immediate problems confirmed though. the steering box.

Behind the steering box you can see the number 7 exhaust port. Looks like I'll be using some kind of rear steer rack with a later ('74) U-jointed steering column. Early Hondas have the same tierod taper as the Alfas, so that's an easy option. There isn't much room for the timing cover and water pump, so I'll either redesign the radiator support to move the radiator forward, or get out the saw and chop on the firewall. I'll probably do both actually as the tunnel needs some massaging to fit the bell.

I recently (fall 2005) picked up a last generation efi intake. Upon further review, I don't think it's going to fit under the hood.

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