1750 Head Damage

In these two photos, you can see where the cam walked backwards in the head after it came loose from the sprocket. The damage is obvious. The aluminum is grooved, and at least two valves are bent, and one of the buckets is scored. The cam looks fine, but the sprocket is shot, and probably the upper chain as well. Yes, that is fifteen year old oil in the head. The engine was turned and primed every few months during the car's first few years of "rest". It still turns over easily, and the oil still smells like oil. Fixable, but I sold it, and a bunch of other stuff, to the first guy with cash in hand.

The 1750 was a nice -little- engine. I can't recall hearing of a streetable 1750 with more than 120 rwhp, though. The Rover engine only weighs about 45lbs more than the 1750. Battery relocated to the trunk makes it an even front end weight swap. The T5 weighs about the same as the Alfa transmission. The area I may pick up a slight amount of weight is the rear suspension. Unsprung weight will be much lower, however. I'm pretty sure I can squeeze somewhat more than 120rwhp out of 4.8 liters.


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