Corvair Headlight Upgrade

The original lighting system sucked. Thirty-five year old wiring, I guess. I had put some sealed beam halogen high beams in, but the current draw was too high and they shorted the high beam switch. I frequently drive backroads at night, and I'd like to see the deer before I hit them at least. So, new wiring, and RELAYED power, and headlights upgraded to H4s and spots. Yep, fake plate again.

Above is the original configuration,
below is the new setup.

Can't tell from a quick glance that anything has changed, but look a little closer (below) and you see the H4 shell in the low-beam location, and inboard spots. This mod wires the outer H4 lights as if it were a two headlight system, with the inboard spots on a seperate circuit. They are 150 watt H3 "off-road" spots, but then heck, I'm not some jerk who is going to go around blinding people with them. The first time I clicked the spots on... wow, all I can say is, "DAYLIGHT!" I have no problems spoting the deer, or other road vermin, now. In combination with the H4 highbeams, they light up about two miles of road. This uses up about 40 amps of power. The stock Corvair alternator is a 37 amp unit. I picked up an internally regulated, three wire 80 amp Delco 12si, and popped the front cover off, replaced it with the corvair housing, pulley and fan. -Viola`- problem solved. Alternators don't care which way they turn.


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