Luiz' 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV V8

Early last year I received an email from a brazillian friend, asking for my opinions and thoughts on a very similar project to my Alfa GTV V8 project (and I have a lot of them). He has been very motivated, and as 01-20-05 his project is done except for the fiddling. He had a few things to contend with that I didn't, such as the brake booster and master cylinder. On my '69 GTV these parts are under the floor, out of the way.

Luiz started with a hanging pedal 1974 GTV. His recipe includes:

Ford 302 Engine
Ford Ranger Transmission
A Ford differential housing mated to the Alfa flanges and suspension pick-up points

Tunnel, firewall, and cooling system massaging was required to help fit the various items, and of course, the steering system had to be totally redesigned, several times.

Below you can see the firewall modifications and clearance marks on the crossmember. Steering box is gone too.

Clearance notch cut in crossmember. Fiat power steering rack installed.

Test fit of 302 mock block. I don't think the air cleaner will fit...

Exhaust manifold in the same space formerly occupied by a steering box.

A few u-joints later...

...and it's connected to the rack.

Adapter plate fabricated to mount Ford Ranger transmission.

Ford Ranger Transmission ready to lift.

Shifter is in just the right spot using the Ranger transmission. You can see some of the tunnel work here.

Console still fits.

Ford rear end mated to Alfa bits.

Not much room up front.

But it fits!

Almost ready to roll.

In the Sun...

On the road.

I think those tools are too neat.

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