Pemco 5 Gallon Tank

This is an old 5 gallon Pemco tank that I haven't disassembled yet. The former owner de-gooped it, but then did kind of a sloppy job resealing it. This one will get new glass. The Pemco tanks are generally very well built. The Pemco brand mark is embossed rather than stamped, as on the later Metaframe tanks.

pemco tank

This tank also has the top frame section stamped and formed out of one piece of stainless.

Simple rounded corners on the exposed corners. All glass/slate holding areas are beveled inward. You can't really tell in any of these shots, but the corner upright frame pieces don't taper like on the Meteframe style tanks.

I haven't taken out the glass yet to see how the bottom pieces are formed and joined, but it looks like the folded under tab method.

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