50 Dollar Paint Job - 3 Year Update

Hard to believe that three years have gone by since the Corvair got the $50 paintjob. No chalking, no flaking, no peeling. The gloss doesn't seem to have faded that I can tell. I've waxed it all of three times now, repaired a big scrape from a shade tent leg that was ground against the side of the car, hit parking blocks about 75 times with the airdam. Rocks have banged off the front end, chipping the paint. Branches have fallen out of trees, gouging the paint. Preoccupied soccer-moms have let their unsupervised children mash their car doors into the side of the Corvair (creating a few door dings). The biggest problem was the flock of -large- birds that yacked up caustic red goop/vomit all over the car. I scrubbed and scrubbed, finally resorted to a scotchbrite pad. This scrubbed the "stuff" off, but took the gloss with it, making dinner plate sized areas of flat paint. I dug out the polisher and hit those spots with rubbing and polishing compound. Fixed!

Someday I'll get out the can of ChipBeGone (white Rustoleum spraypaint) and fix the dings.
So, I washed the bird poop off the car, and then waxed it for the third time since painting it, took some shots.

Crosseyed 3d shot #1

Crosseyed 3d shot #2

Still glossy...

corvair corsa


Damn those parking blocks!



There are about a dozen rock chips and door dings scattered around on the car.



Big branch fell out of the cypress tree, gouged the paint here.


I'll do another update sometime in the future, but, after three years and no discernable difference in the appearance of the paint (other than wear and tear), it's very likely going to be just more of the same.

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