300 vs. 350 head on a standard 94mm block

Below is a 1964 buick 300 head as viewed from the bottom of the block, up through the bore. Notice that the chamber in the head is slightly larger than the bore


Below is a 1971 Buick 350 head on the same block


And below, a slightly better shot of the overlap.

What's the point, you ask? I had one when I started this page, something about shrouding and chamber dynamics. This was going to address the possibility of using 350 heads on a 94mm BOP/Rover block. 340 heads have been used succesfully, but I don't have any handy to compare. I'll use the '64 300 heads in the meantime, of course. I don't think 120lbs worth of iron 350 heads instead of 38lbs of aluminum 300 heads is such a good idea. An extra 82lbs sitting the top of the engine would raise the C/G a good bit and futz up the car's roll characteristics. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why I just don't use a Ford 302 stroked to 347, and sell off all my Rover/Buick crap. It sure would be cheaper, there are great aftermarket heads available... AFR... Sure, it's an extra 80-100lbs, but the heavy part of that motor is at the bottom. And with good heads, I bet I can pick up at least a hundred - hundred fifty bhp over the best Rover engine. Hmmm...


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